Flexible Schedules Allow Students to Achieve Balance

When you think of a typical school or work schedule, you will probably imagine the traditional “Nine to Five”. For many students however, who are trying to juggle studying with work, family and life, the traditional schedule is challenging if not impossible.

That is why Evergreen College offers not one but four schedule options for its students and has recently added a fifth option. Students can study during the day, afternoons only, evenings only, weekends or using the new two-and-a-half day option.

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The two-and-a-half day option allows Evergreen College’s Toronto Downtown students to do two full days (from 9:30am to 5:30pm) and then then either a morning or afternoon class, depending on their chosen course of study. Students in the Business Administration in International Trading, Hospitality Management, Hospitality Operations and Computer System and Network Specialist programs can take advantage of this super-flexible new scheduling option with the possibility of more courses being added later on.

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The two-and-a-half day is a great choice for international students who are required to study at least 20 hours per week but that still want to explore Toronto. The college’s excellent downtown Toronto location gives students access to vibrant city life, bustling cafes, modern museums, internationally-renowned festivals and the chance to meet other like-minded people. Alternatively, students can use the extra time they gain by only coming in to the city for half the week to visit or live with family and friends outside of the downtown core.

All of Evergreen College’s accommodating schedules provide time for students to gain valuable work experience and income while they study. Depending on the type of career students want, they can match their class schedule to their work roster. For example they could study during the day and work towards their hospitality career in the evenings and weekends.

Evergreen College’s experienced and professional instructors are dedicated to providing a hands-on, career-focussed education that helps graduates thrive in today’s, and tomorrow’s, workplace. Evergreen College stands by its students and its flexible scheduling options are just one way they can help students get the future they’ve always wanted.