Student Gains New Career And Friendship Through Course

Richmond Basallo was already working hard in the healthcare industry back home in the Philippines but the professional and inclusive Medical Office Administrator course at Evergreen College gave him the chance to come to Canada to pursue his career.
Richmond was working a corporate job at the Makati Medical Centre but he felt that something was missing. His sister, who lives in Canada, suggested looking at the Evergreen College website for ideas.
Richmond became interested in a career in Medical Office Administration (MOA) because it matched his interests in biology and his experience in the healthcare sector. He was impressed by the breadth of the MOA course at Evergreen and the positive student testimonials. “I did a lot of research,” he says, “but that pushed me to come to Canada.”
From his home in the Philippines, Richmond completed his course registration and arranged his student visa, thanks to the help of Evergreen College staff. In July last year, he made his journey to Canada and was pleased with what he found when he got here.
The MOA course got Richmond job-ready, fast. Because of the flexible schedule, Richmond could work part time to support himself while studying.
The course covered all-important skills like taking a medical history, preparing a bill or lab sample, updating a health record and medical transcription. The course also emphasized skills everyone needs regardless of their job such as friendly and timely communication and professionalism.
A highlight for him was a seminar on crisis prevention intervention, run together with students from the Personal Support Worker course.
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But for Richmond, the most important things he learned were how to work within the Personal Health Information Protection Act and specialized practical skills like taking an ECG or conducting a phlebotomy. Knowing that set him apart from some of his other colleagues during his internship.
Richmond had the chance to gain 200 hours of experience through his internship as an Administrative Assistant to the Medical Secretary at Toronto Western Hospital. During that time he put into practice everything he had learned at Evergreen College. Richmond says it was a busy but he felt prepared thanks to the course.
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Coming to Canada not knowing anyone but a few family members was a big step for Richmond but his course helped him with that too. He met other students from all over the world and made new friendships while learning. “I’m new to Canada but I didn’t feel alone,” he says, “I never felt out of place at school.”
He also had the support of his knowledgable instructors. “Our professors were very friendly and approachable,” he remembers. Richmond says it was thanks to them that he now feels prepared to enter the workforce. Also the internship allowed him to make valuable connections in the industry, which gives him an edge over other candidates when it comes to looking for a job.
Richmond will begin his new career very soon. He has already had an offer for full-time work from Toronto Western but is waiting for his work permit to be approved before accepting.