Is Remote Work Going to be The New Normal? Here’s What we Know

Remote work is changing organisations functions daily. It is the latest trend adopted by the whole world due to the ongoing pandemic Novel COVID-19. Majority of the employees have already adapted to the remote work policy, and others are on the lookout for flexible options.

Wings of organisations like digital marketing, inside sales , customer service, web development, graphic design, content marketing and translation have no issues working remotely as the prerequisite for the job to be done a computer and a mobile phone.

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As the circumstances and repercussions of the pandemic are indefinite, working remotely and the tenure of it remains indefinite, so the best thing to do in this scenario is to adapt, improvise and overcome.

Is it effective?
Effectiveness of working remotely depends entirely on the organisations and how structured it is. Employees are always willing to work, and if anything working from home should be more comfortable considering the commute to the workplace is taken away. Either way, there are few cases of employees reporting loneliness which is more than common as most of us miss the morning chit chat and the whole colleague dynamics. It is one of the most important driving factors for young employees who show up to work.

Regardless of all the factors that contribute to the nay list of effective employers, employers are continually putting efforts in providing all the necessary resources and tools required for employees to get their work done daily.

Regular engagement with employees over a video call, team meetings and online resources promote healthy team functionality and

Benefits of remote work!
During this pandemic, we’ve seen a boom of remote work, whether it be conferences, team meetings, board meetings, digital engagement to a point where our prime minister recommends this method of work to be adapted by more national and multinational organisations.

Please find below the following benefits of remote work

> Life is all – stop the spread of COVID 19 by flattening the curve (Stay at home)

> comfort of home with the luxury to work flexible hours

> A total reduction of pollution caused by commuters to and from work each day

> Helps organisations use resources optimally

To sum it all up remote work can be looked at as the new future resolution to help heal a rather exploited planets

Challenges facing remote work?
There are several challenges facing remote work namely,

> The accessibility of functional internet connectivity required to work

> The diversity of one’s physical location and timezone can make it difficult for managing projects in terms of deadlines and targets

> The teamwork aspect is challenged as different people working across different locations might find it hard to collaborate into one creative stream

> Another challenge, however a bit more complicated is one to do with management, the leaders usually find it challenging to track real-time work done and hence lots of small bits of unfinished work leading to missed deadlines on bigger projects

What employees think about remote work?
It certainly has become the only source of income for many, but they are fearful of being overworked and underpaid, also with reduced productivity being a concern, they just might not be able to differentiate their work-life to home

However, some organisations have found an increase in productivity implementing remote work and have chosen the cut in pay might just diminish the spark of their new find. Hence, they have resorted to minimal cuts and providing a better experience to their employees to ensure it’s continuity

The times ahead might be difficult, but as of today, employees are striving to keep their jobs with the hope of better policies towards them

What to expect in future about remote work?

Though many complex scenarios await organisations at the fight against COVID19, we can be certain that companies still have mixed feelings about having their workforce, work from home along with concerns of productivity and meeting deadlines

However, in the long run, this can be looked at as an efficient way to optimise resources and space used by companies along with a lot of saved spendings on per resource basis, is the perfect way to give something back to the employees at hard times

In the future, remote work could also be looked at as a way to help the fight against pollution

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To conclude, this pandemic has certainly sparked a trend, remote work being the derivative of it, we can all be confident that with the end of the pandemic this trend isn’t going away. As governments around the world have seen the impact, it can have on nature.

There are challenges, like every other scenario in life but how we move around it and make it work for us in a way that it helps people indulged in remote work so as not to cut their livelihood means shorter is what will define this trend.

Silicone Braided Hose

In the world of industrial hoses, flexibility and strength are often seen as a trade-off. However, with advancements in material science, there are now solutions that offer the best of both worlds. LUMATWINE™, manufactured by Armol Polymers Pvt Ltd, is a prime example. This innovative product combines the versatility of silicone rubber tubing with the added strength of nylon braiding, making it ideal for a wide range of demanding applications.

Unmatched Versatility with Food-Grade Safety
At the heart of LUMATWINE™ lies a smooth, translucent silicone braided hose. This material offers several key benefits:

FDA Compliance: LUMATWINE™ is manufactured using ingredients that conform to FDA 21 CFR 177.2600, making it safe for food and beverage applications. You can be confident that your liquids won’t be contaminated by the hose material.

Temperature Extremes: LUMATWINE™ can withstand a wide operating temperature range from -60°C to +220°C. This makes it suitable for tasks involving hot or cold liquids, offering exceptional performance in diverse environments.

Visual Flow Monitoring: The translucent nature of the silicone tube allows for visual confirmation of liquid flow. This is crucial for ensuring proper operation and identifying potential blockages within the system.

Enhanced Strength with Nylon Braiding
The true innovation of LUMATWINE™ lies in the addition of a nylon braid reinforcement. This seemingly simple addition unlocks a whole new level of capability:

High-Pressure Handling: Unlike standard silicone tubing, LUMATWINE™ can handle significantly higher pressures. This makes it ideal for applications where traditional hoses might fail due to pressure limitations.

Kink Resistance: The nylon braiding also provides superior kink resistance. This is crucial for preventing flow disruptions and maintaining system integrity, especially in applications with tight spaces or frequent movement.

Beyond the Basics: Additional Advantages of LUMATWINE™
LUMATWINE™ boasts a range of additional features that make it a compelling choice for various industries:

Sterilisation Compatibility: The hose can withstand multiple sterilisation methods, including autoclave, Ethylene Oxide Gas (ETO) and Gamma Radiation. This ensures sterility for critical applications in the life sciences, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors.

Durability: LUMATWINE™ exhibits excellent weatherability properties. It is resistant to UV rays, ozone, gases and moisture, making it suitable for harsh environments.

Non-Stick Properties: The smooth silicone interior prevents the adherence of tissues and liquids, ensuring a clean and efficient flow.

Applications: Where LUMATWINE™ Shines
LUMATWINE™’s unique combination of features makes it a versatile solution across a variety of industries:

Life Sciences, Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals: The hose can be used for bulk transfer of media, high-pressure fluid transfer and connecting pipes in critical applications. Its sterility compatibility ensures process integrity.

Food and Beverage:LUMATWINE™ is ideal for food dispensing, transferring liquids in processing plants and filling systems for chemicals and adhesives. Its FDA compliance guarantees food safety.

Top Factors to Check While Choosing The Best Placement Consultancy For Your Needs

After the successful completion of college or school education, everyone likes to bag a good job. Today, you can find many job consultancies and portals that offer the best placement services. It can be worthwhile to choose a reputed consultancy whether you are in search of a good job or need some support in bagging a job. Here are some top factors that you should check while trying to choose the best placement consultancy in Kolkata for your needs.


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Look at the experience level. Before you choose a consultant agency, try to look at how much experience it has got. In simple terms, this means you have to check how many years it has been in the industry. Look at the level of reputation as well, and whether it enjoys a good name among job seekers in the employment industry. Check online reviews for the same, and also contact people in your social circle to know whether any of them has worked with and had positive experience with the agency.


Look at the services. Before you choose a consultancy, you also need to look at the services that are offered to candidates. For example, many consultancies offer resume writing services, cover letter tips, grooming for interviews, interview etiquettes and more. These can be extremely useful for you to show yourself in the best light in interviews and get your dream job. Find out whether the job placement consultancy in Kolkata, which you have zeroed in on, offers such type of assistance.

Tie ups

Check the list of companies on board. Browse the internet and prepare a list of job consultancies in Kolkata. Next, look at their company websites one by one and find out whether they have ties with a large number of companies or only with a few. As a job seeker, it would obviously be in your best interests to look for an agency that can offer recruitment in many top agencies and also works with many smaller ones, such as startups, as well.

Placement records

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You also need to look at the agency’s placement records, and find out how many people have bagged employment through them. Try to contact some of these candidates on LinkedIn and other social networking websites, or directly call them up if they share a contact no, to know whether they are satisfied in the job that they have got through the agency. This is a crucial factor, which will help you to know whether or not the companies that the agency has tied up with are the best places to work in.


Know about the fees. Most job placement consultancies charge registration fees, and specify the registration period as well. This can offer opportunities for 3 – 6 months, based on the fee as well as the company processes. There can also be some hidden conditions, such as paying a fixed amount to the consultant – depending on the salary that you get once you manage to bag a job through the agency.