What to Look For When Finding Freelance Projects

As a seller of freelance services, it can be quite challenging to maintain a steady flow of freelance projects coming your way. Cutthroat competition and relatively low entry levels make freelancing all the more exciting and interesting.

Such a nature of the gig economy demands a lot of creativity from a freelancer to not just survive but also to wade through the turbulent waters of freelancing successfully.

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Freelance job opportunities are mind-bogglingly many yet landing even a single gig can be tough for even an expert freelancer. Freelancing is not for the fainthearted, because you’ve got to endure frustrations after frustrations. However, finding freelance projects doesn’t have to be that difficult.

Don’t despair, for if you know how and where to look, there would always be lots of freelance projects for you.

In this article, you’ll learn some tricks of how to unlock these hidden gems.

1.Set up Google Alerts About Freelance Jobs

You can visit Google Alert and set up an alert for incoming freelance gigs. When search results for your search queries change, you’ll receive an email notification. In that way, you’ll be able to keep tabs on any new freelance project that crops up when you’re not around.

For example, you can set up an alert by entering the search query ‘freelance iOS developer wanted’ if that’s the gig you’re looking for.

2.Find Jobs on Freelance Marketplaces Frequently

Nowadays, there are many freelance online marketplaces. You can sign up for a new account with any of them and connect with prospects across the world. With efii, you can sell your services locally; hence, you’d need to connect with local clients.

Join efii today!

There are more than twenty categories of gigs you can choose. Like, you can offer to be a violin instructor, a fitness coach, a yoga teacher, a photographer, a dietitian and so on.

3.Set up an RSS Reader on efii

You can set up an RSS reader to get notifications about new openings from your favorite freelance marketplace in your email. The reader can do all the work for you. However, you’ll need to search for an RSS text link on efii if you can’t seem to find the orange icon, which is typical of an RSS.

For an RSS reader to work for you on efii, you can subscribe to one in Feedly. This platform enables you to paste links of RSS feeds you copied from an online freelance marketplace such as efii.

4.Join a Crowdsource Competition

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If you’re eager to know how much you can measure up to the stiff competition, you can join crowdsource networks and prove whether you’re worth your salt. Joining a contest would inculcate that habit of you going the extra mile to prove your worth to the client. This will eventually enable you to shine in gigs, which have so many applicants.

5.Revisit Your Previous Clients

If you’ve been in a gig economy for long enough to earn new gigs frequently, don’t forget to reach out to your old clients. You can request them for new gigs, propose new contracts with them and so on. You’ll find that it’s much easier to land a new gig with your previous clients than with new clients. You’ll also discover that they have enough budget for new projects.

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The Internet has been an increasingly popular method for job applications, with many companies giving job applicants the option of applying through their company website.

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7 Most Important SEO Tips in 2018 Enhancing Your Site’s Visibility

Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a leading role helping your site to get an improved ranking in the search engines. It’s thus important to know the best SEO tips that help you to get familiar with all optimistic results.

Top 7 SEO Tips to Follow in 2018

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Here are mentioned the top 7 SEO tips that give you the opportunity to manage a better site ranking in 2018:

1. Incorporating Relevant Content

First, it’s important to incorporate suitable content, which carry useful information that inspires readers to know more about your site. Make sure your contents are designed for humans and thus users would find it a good one. It’s time to change your mindset and you need to give priority to humans first and then comes the search engines.

2. Attach Keywords in Page Title

Attaching the suitable keywords in your page title enhances your site’s visibility and thus you can get familiar with all feasible solutions. If you want to upgrade your skill, then you must join any reputed institute for Advanced SEO Training in Delhi. Ensure that the title is an interesting one that helps users to know the details. Overall, it comes out as an important part of SEO in 2018.

3. Using Keyword in URL

Next, it’s necessary to incorporate the focus keyword in the url that gives your site a high priority and the search engines can easily crawl to your site. In this regards, it’s good to analyze which url can be an ideal one for Google that would help you to find the best results.

4. Putting Keyword in Header

Don’t miss out the keyword in the header, as it plays a vital role increasing your site’s visibility online. It helps Google to find the exact concept of your site due to which you can get more views to your site that brings in all good outputs.

5. Inserting Keyword in alt tag

This is another important feature that helps you to comprehend the real time benefits. Here, you need to work with the image alt tag ensuring that you get familiar with all optimistic features as you need. Thus, your site gets the best results featuring the real utilities of SEO in 2018.

6. Enhancing Page Load Speed

In 2018 it’s important to increase your page load speed that would motivate users to enter your site without waiting for a long time. It comes out as the most important part of SEO and thus you must take care of the page load speed. It influences the ranking factors and thus you can explore the better results revealing the true importance of SEO.

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One Cup of This Today Can Help Burn Your Belly Fat Like Crazy!
7. Adding Backlinks

Incorporating the suitable backlinks to your site increase the site’s visibility and thus it comes out as a necessary SEO feature in 2018. In this regards, you need to carry out a detailed research finding the ideal backlinks that are suitable for your site.

Following the above-mentioned SEO tips you can give your site a better ranking in the search engines.